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Breast augmentation

Many women, owing to their genetic constitution, weight loss or gain or after pregnancy, do not have the breast volume or firmness they would like. A breast augmentation will give you back the harmony of your body contours.

At the De Benito Institute we were worldwide pioneers in the use of US-made anatomical prostheses and were also the creators of bra size guides to ensure the real result desired by the patient.

We take into account a variety of factors such as:

  • Location where the implant will be placed: underneath the muscle, the fascia or gland.
  • Type of implant: anatomical (drop shape), with varying projection and height, or round in different shapes.
  • The patient’s wishes.





It is performed under general anaesthesia, with 12- to 24-hour hospital admission. 24 hours after having operated on the patient, she can shower, drive or go back to work, provided no major efforts are performed during the first month. There is no need to remove the stitches.

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