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Buttock augmentation with an implant

The buttocks are a very important part of our body from a sensual point of view. The lack of buttock volume gives a more androgynous appearance to the female form.

To correct this and give them a more attractive rounded shape, a silicone gel implant, a hyaluronic acid filler or fat can be inserted.


7 days


(Depending on expanse)


Both prostheses are inserted through an incision concealed in the buttock midline. You can go back to work approximately 7 days later. Most of these procedures (implantation of prostheses, the patient’s own fat or hyaluronic acid filler) do not resolve skin slackness in the bottom third of the buttocks. To improve sagging, several innovative, minimally invasive techniques have been incorporated, such as polylactic acid Silhouette Soft Sutures, which regenerate the area’s collagen.

Another procedure is a buttock lift, which is performed in cases of extreme sagging.

Raising of buttocks with Silhouette Sutures

Over time skin tends to sag, on many occasions only moderately. In the vast majority, improving this sagging is only performed through minimally invasive surgery, with a small incision, without the need for large scars or prolonged interventions.


2 days




Treatment with Silhouette Soft consists of inserting cone sutures consisting of polylactic acid, which are fully reabsorbed into the subcutaneous tissue. This treatment is therefore durable but not permanent and may require repeat procedures. It is performed in an outpatient setting and the patient can return to work approximately 2 days later.

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