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Brow lift through an endoscopic lift

Over time, eyebrows tend to drop. Excess skin develops on the upper lid, which makes eyes look smaller and produces a sad gaze. Brow lifting or elevation brings youthfulness back to the eye area, which recovers its sparkle and freshness.


between 5 and 7 days


12h to 24h


Lifting the brows is performed by means of minimally invasive surgery through tiny 1-cm incisions inside the hairline. Through endoscopy and with the aid of a TV monitor, the brows are repositioned in the desired area.

Brow Lift with Silhouette Soft tightening threads

Lifting the brow tail or the entire brow is an essential part of orbital rim rejuvenation. Our pioneering technique involves an endoscopic front lift, but in patients who only wish to raise the brow tail and have tried botulinum toxin with little success, there is a simple technique performed in the consultation room as an outpatient and under local anaesthesia. It consists of raising the brows with Silhouette Soft sutures.




No required


A suture is made for each brow through a tiny insertion point concealed in your hair, without any incision, and so produces no scarring. The intervention is performed in an outpatient setting and so does not require hospital admission. It is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient can return to their daily routine within 1 day.

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