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Nasal Valve

Poor breathing through the nose increases the likelihood of head colds, symptoms of nasal allergy, reduces sports performance and increases the likelihood of snoring during the night.
It is now possible to breathe better thanks to a new and pioneering procedure that employs Silhouette Soft.


25 minutes


Not required


With a Silhouette Soft suture inserted underneath the skin of the nose, the nasal valve is opened up to increase the intake of air. The patient feels it instantly and the air flow can be confirmed through a rhinomanometry test. This quick and simple procedure is performed in the consultation room in only 25 min.
The advantage of Silhouette Soft sutures is that they are not visible, do not disfigure the face, do not irritate or damage delicate skin and do not become unstuck like other systems such as a sticking plaster.

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