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Resident's programme

  • Minimum stay two months and maximum three. If anyone wants a longer stay, it will have to be studied individually.
  • Participation in surgeries every morning Mondays to Thursdays.
  • Post-op patient monitoring.
  • On Friday mornings a surgeon presents a specific topic on PowerPoint.
  • Availability of surgical techniques on video.
  • You will be taught to present conferences on PowerPoint: video clips, phrases, changes in voice, how to retain the audience’s attention, etc.
  • When the fellow is in a three-month stay, he/she will take part in preparing a publication.
  • The most common surgical procedures are:


    • Micro hair transplant.
    • Endoforehead lift.
    • Face and neck lift; SMAS technique; Deep-plane; MACS-lift; Platysma plasty; Submentoplasty; Digastric plication; Maxillary gland treatment; etc.
    • Facial feminization: Chin reduction; nose feminization with gonion angle reduction by ultrasounds; Forehead feminization miniinvasive technique; endoscopic brow-lift ; Chondrolaryngeoplasty throught submental incision; changes in the first line hair implantation by FUE technique; lipofilling for facial feminization
    • External and TC upper and lower blepharoplasty.
    • Canthopexy. Different techniques.
    • Mid-face lift through lower eyelid.
    • Otoplasty.
    • Labial rejuvenation.
    • Rhinoplasty: open and closed, ultrasonic
    • Mentoplasty advance. Ostetomies+osteosyntesies by miniplaques
    • Migraine surgery.
    • Mammary surgery: Augmentation; Mastopexy with/without implants; Reduction; Endoscopic reconstruction; Breast asymmetry.
    • Abdominal surgery; Muscle plication; Mesh.
    • Classic liposuction; High Definition in men and women; Renuvion.
    • Thigh lift; Arm lift.
    • Post-bariatric surgery: complete body lift.
    • Calf, buttock implants.
    • Facial and body lipofilling.
    • Eyelid westernization.
    • Silhouette lift and soft sutures.
    • Female genital rejuvenation.
    • Combined surgeries.
    • Cosmetic medicine.
  • Business marketing.
  • Photographing of patients.

Information will be provided for a stay in Barcelona as well as items you need to bring with you, for example laptop, scrubs or white coat with doctor’s or hospital’s name, weekends free for travelling around Spain, etc.

A certificate will be issued accrediting the stay at Instituto de Benito

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