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Tummy Tuck

Whether because of the passage of time, weight loss or pregnancy, there are women who observe relaxation of their abdominal muscles and skin sagging on their abdomen that is not resolved with either exercise or dieting.
In the case of men, the underlying cause is weight gain and loss, together with a very sedentary life, which leads to weakness in the abdominal wall, with the resulting muscle relaxation and protrusion of the entire abdomen, leading to functional and aesthetic disorders.

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3 weeks


Depending on expanse


Surgery will pull the abdominal muscles together, remove fat and excess skin to achieve a smooth flat belly with a narrower waist. The shape, length and location of the scar will depend on the thinness of the contour.
In the case of men, the procedure is similar to the above (abdominoplasty, with or without the insertion of a mesh), at the same time removing surface adipose tissue through liposuction. 

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