Premium Services

International Patients

The Institute has a long experience with international patients from all over the world. Our Patient Care Coordinators will assist you in arranging all your needs for a perfect medical experience.

We have a specific Protocol to assure an efficient surgery plan:

  • You may attach at least 3 photos for a proper medical evaluation. Try to avoid taking photos by yourself as pictures are not so accurate; use a neutral background and even lightening for a good quality image.

For facial and breast surgery, from each side and front side
For body surgery also from the back

  • Our Coordinators will contact you and send you back the evaluation information and price quotations by email, followed by a follow up call to explain in detail all the procedure and clarify possible doubts.
  • Our Patient Care Coordinators will arrange with you the best personalized plan for the pre surgery appointments, medical issues, fees payouts, etc.
Premium Services

Concierge Services

We have many patients coming from abroad, so in order to ensure that you receive the best medical treatment, we offer a tailor made health care experience with specialized providers to ensure a stress - free and efficient experience.



All arrangements related
to accommodation,
private driver,
translator, etc.



Schedule appointments, preop information, clinical admission, pre and post surgical support, personal assistants and various other services.

We do care to facilitate communication between patient and the Institute for a personalized healthcare experience.