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Dr. Javier de Benito

Dr. Javier de Benito
Dr. Javier de Benito
Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Dr Javier de Benito is a national and international reference in Aesthetic Surgery. He has been Vice President of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a member of the American and Spanish Societies. In 1996, together with the Americans Tebbetts and Maxwell, he pioneered the use of anatomical breast implants and in 2002 drew up the guidelines for their use.

An expert in frontal endoscopic surgery, the creator of the non-invasive lift with cone sutures as well as neck surgery with lateral techniques. In 2006, Dr Javier de Benito was considered by the European press to be among the world’s top ten surgeons.

A worldwide reference in minimally and non-invasive rejuvenation, currently with headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid and Moscow.

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